Painting accessories

For a long time, I have considered trying to become a YouTube star... or at least putting some effort into making YouTube videos and maybe making a little money off of them. I have thought of doing How to Play videos, speed building Lego kit contests, at one point I also thought of mini painting tutorials.

The thing is... I'm not very good at painting! I did however create a tutorial on making a portable wet palette. For those of you not familiar with what a wet palette is. It is just like any other paint palette in usage, however because you are putting the paint on wet parchment paper, it prevents the paint from drying out, it allows you to keep paint blends from session to session and in the case of my solution - with some care - you can lug it around with you. (Great if, like me, you often paint down your FLGS!).

There are a bunch of solutions out on the market, notably the P3 Palette which is popular but at $25 it's pretty pricy and not even watertight!

  • The container I used for this is a 200ml container from Sistema.
  • If you don't have any foam out of miniatures blisters (it's a lot less common these days) then a kitchen sponge will do the job. Ikea or any supermarket will have them.
  • For those of you that aren't cooks: Parchment paper is similar to greaseproof paper or wax paper and any of these will work and can be picked up, super cheap at your local supermarket.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Add a couple of pennies underneath the foam.
Why? I noticed mold growing on my parchment paper when I was first using this palette. It turns out that the pennies change the pH of the water slightly and prevent this (have since left my palette for weeks without issue).

I thought about this because I spent the weekend on another project that has some similar DIY skills and would've made for a great video if I'd thought about it...

This is my latest project. It is pretty straight forward to create an LED strip. I picked up a kit on Amazon during the prime day sales. There are 3 things that you MUST have to make this work:

Optional: Connecting Wires (I got these) - these can be handy as they will save you having to wire if you want to cut your strips down. They are clip attach so there is no strict need for soldering although connections can be a little dodgy so I would still recommend soldering if you have the ability. You can also just fold the strip over as done in the video below.

For a rough guide on how to set this up, you can use this video

- Raggy, signing out

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