Warhammer 40k Conquest magazine - Ultramarines

As you may know, I have been working on the models that come with Warhammer 40,000 Conquest magazine. You can follow my work on the Space Marines in my new video series.

This article is to accompany that series to provide folks with the steps in written form to allow them to follow along at home.

As I called out in the show - it's important to keep detailed notes of the steps taken in order to be able to reproduce for later units.

Basic shopping list:

Paints + Brush - GW Set (includes Clippers) £25/$40 / Army Painter Starter £25/$30 (Clippers - Army Painter Side Clippers £10/$12)
Spray primer - GW Chaos Black £12 / Rustoleum Painter's Touch Flat Black Primer ~$4
Baking Parchment (Parchment Paper US) / Morrison's Baking Parchment (UK) Reynold's Parchment Paper (US) ~£2/$2
Kitchen Towel - Get the better thicker stuff ~£1/$1
Cheap lunchbox/tupperware container ~£1/$1
Water cup ~£1/$1
Spray varnish - GW Munitorum £12 / Army Painter Anti-Shine £11 / Testors Dullcoat ~$6
Black Wash £5/$7.50
Brown Wash £5/$7.50
Base Texture paint £5/$7.50

Total Spend: £69/$77.50
  1. Assembly: (1hr)
    • Clip parts off of sprue
    • Scrape mould lines
    • Assemble and glue
    Assembled and primed Black

  2. Basecoating (3hrs)
    • Prime with Chaos Black primer.
    • Basecoat armour with Macragge Blue, leaving all other areas black where possible.
    Reaver after the armour has been basecoated

  3. Armour Washing / Highlighting (2hr)
    • Apply a careful wash of Nuln Oil.
    • For shoulder pads and other large surfaces wet first and only apply wash to recessed edges.
    • Highlight edges with Macragge Blue mixed with White Scar.
    • Optional: Top Highlight brightest spots with pure White Scar.
    • Optional: Paint the deepest recesses and under sides of plates with Abaddon Black
    Reaver with Armour washedAfter washing - apply highlight!

  4. Detailing (1.5hr)
    • Plate joints, hair, belts, holsters, bolter casing - Abaddon Black, drybrushed with mix of White Scar for highlights.
    • Aquilla, Shoulder Pad trim - Retributor Armour, wash with Agrax Earthshade.
    • Weapons - Paint Leadbelcher, wash with Nuln Oil.
    • Flesh - Bugman's Glow, highlighted with mix of White Scar.
    • Eyes - White Scar, thin line of Abaddon Black for pupil, surrounds painted with Bugmans Glow mixed with small amount of Abaddon Black.
    • Purity Seals - Seal Bugman's Glow, Parchment White Scar with a little Bugman's Glow
    After painting details

  5. Basing: (0.5hr)
    • Agrellan Earth applied heavily (about 2mm deep layer on each base) keeping the base rims clean.
    • Once this has dried and hardened, rim the bases with Abaddon Black.
    Finished models

  6. Varnish (0.1 hr)
    • Spray with Purity Seal
This is where you see what the 'pop' factor of shade and highlights can do:
Various Stages side by side.

Here you can see the models on the tabletop. It's important to remember that although you paint them a few inches from your face - you'll rarely be looking at them from that distance when gaming!
Models shown at typical viewing distance.

At a little over 8 hrs to paint 5 models, this is a much slower process than for the poxwalkers. This is inevitable when painting models without the aide of an Airbrush to get the main colours in place.

- Raggy, signing out