2018 Year in Review

This omits my Descent minis, most of my Arkham minis and various commission pieces.

Warning: I'm a numbers guy... there's a lot of that in this post!

Well, I posted a few months ago that I had already completed my resolution to paint 365 minis in 2018. At that time I set myself a stretch goal of 500 minis!!! Soooo how did I do on that one? Well...

I didn't paint 500 minis from scratch in the year, but I completed 511 minis in 2018 and another 45 smaller pieces. A really healthy total I think. I feel like this year has taken me a long way toward getting back on top of that lead mountain. There is still a lot to do but I honestly think that I could be realistically on top of things by the end of 2019 if I continue with the same mindset.

Carry over: (22 + 11 small)

Space Hulk: 

Mansions of Madness: 
2xShoggoths, 2xCthonians, 1xDark Young, 1xDunwich Horror

Blood Bowl: 
Wood Elf & Chaos Apothecaries, Ball Marker

Warhammer Underworlds: 

Lady Morrigan



Completed: (489 + 34 small)

23 Space Hulk: 
20xSpace Hulk door stands, Chalice, C.A.T., 23 Genestealers

95 Mansions of Madness:
Darrell Simmons, William Yorrick, Gloria Goldberg, Carolyn Fern, Joe Diamond, Monterey Jack, Bob Jenkins, Dexter Drake, Vincent Lee, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, Father Mateo, Tommy Muldoon, Diana Stanley, Finn Edwards, Preston Fairmont, Carson Sinclair, Charlie Kane, Agatha Crane, Lily Chen, Minh Thi Phan, Wilson Richards, Marie Lambeau, Akeche Onyele, Rita Young, 11xcultists, 2xcult leaders, 2xdark druids, 2xnightgaunts, 2xmigo, 2xhunting horrors, 2xbyakhee, 2xcrawling ones, 4xdeep ones, 4xdeep one hybrids, 2xstar spawn, 2xstar vampires, Lloigor, 2xhound of tindalos, 2xwraiths, 2xwitches, 2xchild of the goat, 4xzombies, 2xskeletons, 2xghosts, 4xthralls, 2xmaniacs, 2xhired guns, 6xrioters, child of dagon, priest of dagon

43 Blood Bowl:
Chaos Dwarf Minotaur, Chaos Score marker, Pro elf coach, Pro elf apothecary, 12xballs, Chaos Pact Coach, 20xLizardmen, Lord Borak, 17xNurgle

1 XWing:

47 Prospero:
30xVeteran marines, 5xCustodes, 5xTartaros, 5xSisters, Greigor Fellhand (shoulder), Ahriman

2 Discworld:
Death with Guitar, Moist von Lipwig

3 Convention Freebies:
Bombshell Babe, Walking Dead Zombie, Ultramarine

30 Warhammer Underworlds:
3xScenery pieces

1 Test of Honour:
Warrior Monk Masahiro

2 Class:
Honorguard Basing mini
Guruk First Mate

32 Worms:
4xGermans, 4xRussians, 4xYankees, 4xBrits, 4xModern Horror, 4xClassic Horror, 4xPredaliens, 4xAction Movie

172 Descent:
3xWendigos, 6xBlood Apes, 6xHell Hounds, 3xMedusa, 9xBane Spiders, 6xRazorwings, 6xShades, 4xFlesh Moulders, 5xFire Imps, 5xZombies, 9xSkeleton Archers, 3xDeep Elves, 3xHybrid Sentinels, 4xBarghest, 9xBeastmen, 6xDark Priests, 2xMerriods, 6xSorcerers, 18xKobolds, 6xLava Beetles, 5xCave Spiders, 6xFerrox, 5xGoblin Archers, 3xManticores, 3xGolems, 3xChaos Beasts, 2x Shadow Dragons, 3xOgres, 3xNagas, 2xElementals, 3xIce Wyrms, 2xCrypt Dragons, 2xGiant, 2xEttin, 3xTroll, 2xDemons, Kala the Hunter, Karnon, Maliki the Claw, Gyruk Kinslayer

2 Secret Santa:
1xDeathwatch Primaris Marine, 1xInquisitor Rhino

15 TMNT Shadows of the Past:

1xShredder, 5xGunners, 5xThugs, 4xTurtles

6 Gloomhaven:
Cragheart, Mindthief, Brute, Tinkerer, Scoundrel, Spellweaver

15 Conquest:
12xPoxwalkers, 3xReivers

Ok, ok so all that is very impressive but how does it compare to the number of miniatures acquired? I had it in my head that I wanted to try and paint twice as many minis as I ended up buying to ensure I stay ahead of the curve. I didn't quite manage this and a lot of the models that I ended up painting were newly bought (the Shadespire minis in particular). Overall though this did force me to reconsider any miniature purchase and held me back from getting a few games that I think I would have regretted in hindsight. There are still a few models I think I could have done without getting but a much smaller number than I could be facing!

Bought: (286)

2 Class minis (CK, Honorguard)
4 Freebie minis (2xKubla, GW UKGE, Portal Dice)
8 grubs
30 Shadespire minis (+11 already painted)
29 worms
Fallen Heroes Bust
3 White Lion Display minis
3 Guildball minis
2 Bugman Blood Bowl minis
5 Stranger Things minis
7 Sohei Test of Honour minis
7 Onna Bugeisha ToH minis
11 Renegades ToH minis
6 Retinue ToH minis
7 Bandit ToH minis
7 Ninja ToH minis
5 Minis from Documentary
5 Adventure Space Marines
43 Descent Minis
23 Blood Bowl Halflings + Apothecary etc
27 Warhammer Conquest minis (more to come in future months)
16 7th Continent minis - not yet arrived
41 Splat Attack minis - not yet arrived

Well that's about all for 2018, what about 2019?

I have relatively few unfinished pieces coming into the new year so there will be fewer 'easy' completes, however there are still a lot of incomplete minis from previous years (in particular the Arcadia Quest minis) which I'll be working on.

I think I am going to focus a little less on the numbers and a little more on the games. If at all possible - I want to end 2019 with no unpainted boardgames, either because I have painted them or because I have sold them. This will include things I pick up in 2019 like Splat Attack on preorder, Season 2 of Warhammer Underworlds and possibly Blackstone Fortress if I jump into it.
With all the hordes of Zombicide and continuing expansions for Mansions of Madness and Descent, this will be a tall order. It also leaves me to once again put wargame minis (Dystopian Wars, Uncharted Seas, WFB and Samurai) on the back burner and also more display oriented pieces like the bust. This is the part of the plan that I am not so sure about. It feels like a lot will get delayed as a result and I am not sure I am cool with that as a plan. I am also aware that for Zombicide in particular - I currently don't have a storage solution which means I may end up damaging the models.

- Raggy, signing out