Wander - Tank - part 2

It came to my attention shortly after posting part 1 on this that this sculpt of Tank is actually an older design of the character. The figure you will be getting in the game box has an artificial right hand with a hammer rather than the stump on this figure but I think most of the content of the Miniature Monthly videos are still applicable to the model.

I'm not a huge fan of the order in which Aaron is painting the model. I can totally understand that he enjoys mixing things up but for a beginner - I strongly feel that the discipline of moving from most recessed parts to most prominent is important. Because of this there are parts of the videos I've held off on, waiting for areas I'd rather do first be shown. The main one being the skin:

It seems the videos have started getting broken up a little more and the skin was split into a few different parts. The first 2 are now up and the photos above are the sin basecoats. This part I am pretty comfortable with and gets me to a level of contrast that I am familiar with... but as the competition feedback always goes: NEEDS MOAR CONTRAST! and so I was keen for the next step to see what I can do to really push the colours.

Next I started playing with some NMM on both the torso plates and the shield. I am not sure I am really happy with the finish to these. They certainly feel a little flat still and lacking the sheen of real metal. I'll probably come back to this and work it a little more. This is going to be challenging as I really don't remember the paints I used for the shield though!

Now I'm just waiting for the shell tutorial! I am really looking forward to painting that part of the model.

My next update - I'll talk about what I'll be basing this chap on.
- Raggy, signing out