Step up Sergeant Gideon

Nearly finished Sergeant Gideon
Having painted up Brother Claudio, I next moved on to Sergeant Gideon.

Gideon front right with basecoatsGideon front left with basecoats
Basecoats applied for all areas with Gideon's head painted up.Next the gold was polished a little and the parchment/bone pieces were done.

Gideon front with NMM goldGideon back with NMM Gold

I am going to deep dive into the colours that I am using here as I neglected to do that in the Brother Claudio post:

Parchment / Skulls:

  1. Vallejo Chocolate Brown
  2. Army Painter Fur Brown
  3. Coat D'Arms Bone
  4. Army Painter Matt White

Metal, Select Pads and Charged Weapons:

  1. P3 Thamar Black
  2. Coat D'Arms Dark Grey
  3. Tree Fellas Grey
  4. Army Painter Matt White


  1. Coat D'Arms Dark Grey
  2. Army Painter Matt White


  1. Vallejo Chocolate Brown
  2. Vallejo Filthy Brown
  3. Army Painter Daemonic Yellow
  4. Army Painter Matt White


  1. Reaper HD Marron Red
  2. GW Blood for the Blood God


  1. P3 Thamar Black
  2. Vallejo Enchanted Blue
  3. Army Painter Matt White (mixed into blue for highlights)

The weightings of these (esp the metals/pads/weapons) are not always the same to give some separation.
As with Brother Claudio - Gideon is not getting airbrushed quite yet and I am pretty pleased with the finish. I am a lot happier with my NMM on these termies than anything before.

It took a solid 15hrs to get this guy from the red up to the point of just needing the final airbrushing which is concerning me. I really want to get faster than that but my accuracy just isn't good enough. If I further rush it then I end up getting sloppier. I am getting better at knowing where accuracy does and doesn't matter (is it it going to get painted over later? is it really visible when held more than 2cm from your eye etc.
Something else I am also learning is that I need to drybrush less. It can be a great effect and a good shortcut for some things but it isn't great for everything - it's not the same as edge highlighting for instance.

So two Termies mostly done, 10 to go... Next up will be Brother Deino who's already had some work done on him:
Brother Deino with base colors on

- Raggy, signing out