Brother Claudio faces the paint.

Brother Claudio with lightning claws, nearly done.

Welcome to my 200th blog post!
Using my last blog post, Goals, to spur me to action and get some more painting done. I've pulled out the Termies from my Space Hulk box. Regular readers of the blog will know I've been working on these chaps for a while. I did my test piece as an experiment in weathering powders and primed the rest red.
My original intention had been to batch paint them the rest of the way but I've ended up putting more care into them than I intended and I've taken to giving them more heroic level of attention. First up is Brother Claudio:

Red, black and grey frontAdded brown for bone, parchment and gold parts

After painting the armour up with my red technique, I wanted to be careful not to splash paint where it's not meant to be. This was another factor in the hero treatment although with a unit, it should be simpler to do the same part on a chain of models - for these models, they are each so different that it is a little tricky.

Basecoats applied - side viewBasecoats applied - rear view

As you can see, I'm back to my old NMM tricks and although the chains and silver colours are a little slap dash, I am very happy with the way the gold came out.

Brother Claudio ready for the airbrush

As you can see, I also cleaned up the lid of the gum bottle I use as a podium as it was starting to flake off.

Brother Claudio side view

Our Wolverine wannabe is not quite complete. I still don't have my airbrush kit up and running which I plan to use for the blue power effect on the claws, green eye glow and the shoulder lamp. I will also probably batch those tasks to save on the clean up.

Sergeant Gideon's shield

Sergeant Gibson will be the next up to face the paint.

- Raggy, signing out