Brother Deino enters

Painted up Brother Deino model

The Process

Basecoat front Brother Deino model

Cloth painted:
Blue Cloth front Brother Deino model
Blue Cloth back Brother Deino model

Parchment and Bone:
Parchment and Bone front Brother Deino model
Parchment and Bone back Brother Deino model

Finished with metals front Brother Deino model

Finished with metals back Brother Deino model

This sketchy style for the bolter is really not an effect I intended to produce but I do rather like it. What are your thoughts?

I also recently watched an alternative method of doing red. I like the idea of zenithal highlighting with pink instead of white, I think it might cut the orange in the highlights a little.

Brother Scipio will come next as I try to wrestle with the colors for the basing. Being a space hulk, it seems obvious that I am going to be working with metal flooring but I need to find a method of bringing in some green tones to that in order to give good contrast to the red.

- Raggy, signing out