Year in Review: Blood Bowl

My major focus, painting-wise, has been Blood Bowl. In a year I have fully painted two teams, finished one and started another two. Of course painting five teams when I ended up buying 8 is not exactly reducing my lead mountain however I maintain it's still better than just buying which was my habit in the past. There are two things that make me even happier about how this year has gone, one is that I have been actually playing Blood Bowl again and the other is that my league has gotten me into a routine that is putting out these painted teams at a reasonable pace and then getting me to actually use them.

In my previous Year in Review post, I talked about the Wood Elves that I had actually started work on last year. In this post I will focus on the minis that I took from 0-60 in 2016:


Looking back on them now, the Piranha Swamp Steelers are not my best paint job by a long shot. I think part of this is just that I have gotten a lot better since I painted them but also I got very frustrated with them. Many of you will remember my issues with the priming of these figures and I think that really tempered my enthusiasm for painting them. But they are painted, and they do look better than this rather poor photo of them implies... just not much better!

Amazon Team


Ahhh what would Blood Bowl be without Ogres? The origins of this team are really rather strange. The 'snotlings' are 15mm goblins made by Chariot miniatures - I primed them with Army Painter Goblin green when I was doing my Samurai and ended up painting them as a break from the frustration of the Amazons... with sixteen of the buggers painted, I really had no choice BUT to get myself some Ogres and finish off the team!
The Ogres were an interesting opportunity for some sculpting and customizing with some simple green stuff for helmets, shoulder pads, a squeezed football and a finger. The paint scheme felt a bit restrictive as there wasn't much opportunity for color on the snotlings so I had to keep the ogres colors just as simple. To make things a little more interesting, I decided to experiment with tattoos. I used this article as the basis of my experimentation although I had a few issues when I washed the skin with the wrong color leaving things a bit off kilter. I got there in the end though and I'm pretty pleased with the finished result:

Ogre Team

Tokens & Fan Stand

I picked up a Fan Stand at West Coast Quake and put a decent chunk of time into sanding, assembling, modding and eventually painting. I am pleased with how it turned out although I think I really could have done a better job with it. Still, it was a fun project and I think looks pretty good. The game tokens on the stand are a different story. I have had them for a while and painting them up has been a LOT of fun and I am really pleased with the results. I should say that the Ref and Commentator were painted before this year and my leader reroll token (the blue one) is not finished yet!
Fan Stand with Tokens Front

Fan Stand with Tokens Top