Year in Review: Carried over

I have decided to end the year with a series of photos of what I have done this year. I would like to pretend that there is some narrative behind this that is really wonderful or enlightening to you, my loyal (I hope) reader... but honestly there are only selfish reasons for wanting to do this:

  • To show off
  • To feel good about myself
  • and mostly to motivate myself in the coming year to keep up the pace.
In the first of these, I am looking at the figures that I had really started before this year started:

Wood Elves

Wood Elves on the Blood Bowl Field
Complete Wood Elf Team

Nearly finished off last year but it wasn't until this year that I was able to get the finishing touches to these guys done - just in time for West Coast Quake 2016!

Robo Rally

Robo Rally bots painted up

Ahhh RoboRally. I love this game but seldom get this to the table. I started painting the minis up a couple of years ago but finally got them finished up... just in time for this. A new edition... with prepainted minis... sigh. I am still pleased with how they came out... and maybe one day they'll get an outing on the table.

- Raggy, signing out