Chaos in Crete

Hello again people,
A bit of a quiet week. I have continued to play the solo game of Arkham Horror for my session report. It is taking a while as I am playing a turn or two each evening. I am hoping I may get the game finished by the end of this week and get the write-up done by the end of next. I am really enjoying it and hopefully it will read well once I am finished.

I didn't end up going to the Epsom Games Club as usual this week so my play count for the week is down somewhat on previous weeks, but I had the second session of Daring Tales of Adventure and afterwards got in a game of Citadels.

This second game of Daring Tales came off a lot better than the first with a few injuries but no deaths and a successful outcome. I will be looking into writing up the adventures over time on the Obsidian Portal account, but haven't done much as of yet. I think that there is a distinct lack of interest from the group about keeping that sort of blog of the adventures so I may end up dropping it if, after having written these two up, there is still no interest.

Paying no attention whatsoever to my New Year's Resolutions, and in a desperate bid to avoid actually painting stuff, I have started assembling the last of my unassembled empire (40 militia) and am going about spray priming and varnishing anything and everything I can lay my hands on!

Finally, I am starting to make this blog a more regular event and if you enjoy reading it, please do recommend it to others, as I often put questions out there and some feedback would be great!

- Raggy, signing out!