New Years Resolutions 2011

Looking back on the last year and the resolutions post that started it off, it was a lousy year for the hobby. I also failed to get Lindsey to stop smoking... she is down, but that'll change as soon as she moves somewhere she doesn't have to hide it...

So given the failure of the last year, what are the plans for the up-coming year? Well there are quite a few things I want to achieve. I have a new job having graduated... just. So I should be able to put more regular time into my hobbies. I also have a few other things that I want to do over the year so:

  • Loose some weight. Uni was not good for my waistline and I need to loose some of it. Healthy eating, regular mealtimes and some walking to and from stations will hopefully offset the deskjob.
  • Learn to Roller Blade. I started this the summer before last and I really want to pick it up again and hopefully become good enough to travel about on blades, I don't wanna be pulling tricks but good enough to skate around would be great.
  • Learn Japanese. Another on going dream, I need to find a native speaker who'd be willing to help me out and maybe I'll improve a little.

Now for some hobby related objectives:
  • Complete at least one more Blood Bowl Team (My skaven are great but I need more!!!) I think this is most likely to be my Chaos Dwarves as I have already painted most of them.
  • Sort and Sell - I have a lot of old crap that I had put into storage whilst at Uni. It is high time I went through it all and hit eBay. I am mostly free of the buying bug that plagues us all, but if I sell of a load of my older stuff, I can justify a few new purchases (esp for Blood Bowl).
  • Paint all Board Game Miniatures... this is going to be a big one. They don't have to be the highest standard but I would like to go through them all. This list includes Talisman 4th, RoboRally, Runebound, Hybrid and probably a few others.

Well that is a fair few objectives for the year... but there is one more and it is a biggie:


It may not always be Miniature or Painting related but I want to make this blog a bit more prominent in my life. I will be talking more about Board Gaming as I now have a weekly gaming group and possibly also RPGs as I am hoping to start a fortnightly session of Daring Tales of Adventure and maybe a WFRP3 game later on.

Later  Days
- Raggy, signing out


  1. Good luck to you in these resolutions, they're solid. Looking forward to the "one blog post a week" one the most!


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