Geeky Weeky

Well to be honest, it hasn't been that geeky a week... in fact there has been no mini painting in quite a while. Way back in October I realised that my painting was getting seriously bad. I persevered for a little while but as a result I just ended up getting more stressed out and the figures got worse. Since then I have only done a couple of bits of scenery which aren't demanding and don't need to be very detailed or particularly well painted.

So what HAVE I been upto in the last week? Well... I picked up a copy of the special edition of Back to the Future and have worked my way through all three films and all the special features. I do like the first film, I don't think the other two hold up but you just gotta love the hoverboards!

I have also been working my way through Sonic X season 1 which is great... until you listen to the Dub... oh dear... the crazy old man sounds like he is about 30 tops and the main kid is Veronica Taylor - the voice of Ash Ketchum meaning I was constantly surprised when Sonic and not Pikachu turned up. The season ended with good closure leaving me with no interest in seeing any more. If you like other Sonic cartoons, and can deal with Subs, try and find the original Japanese version, it is really quite good.

I have also played a few board games recently including Power Grid, a game that I have long wanted to try... I did not do well in my first game. It is a game where an experienced player will beat a newcomer 9 times out of 10 and it felt it. Having said that, I would like to try it again, maybe with a US or UK map (we played the Benelux map). I think the game will be improved by knowing the locations (I feel the same about Ticket to Ride).

Well that's all for this week. Unfortunately as I am staying with my mum for the next couple of weeks, there is unlikely to be much more esp in the painting realm but hopefully there will still be some info on Board Games, I will be starting a game of Daring Tales of Adventure with some friends and a plethora of Martial Arts movies.

Finally for those of you that are interested in any of these things (except the films), sign up to many people will have heard of board game geek. This site has now expanded to include RPGs and Video Games. Wargames are still a side show of the Board Games but there are still players. I can be found on the site and have a load of 'Raggy Reviews' up for those who are interested. I have also been trying to update my RPG and Video catalogues to get them all on there for folks to see how cool I am... or you know, not.