Daring Tales of Failure

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new blog post and a new avatar for meee!

Yeah so had some great gaming experiences in the last week. I finally got a play of Crokinole which is fun, had a try of Ghost Stories although I'm not convinced we played the rules correctly (It was virtually impossible at the easiest difficulty),  introduced some folks to Small World which went down well and also got in a game of Arkham Horror which was great fun. Every time I sit down and play a game of Arkham I come out thinking... I really must play that more often... and then never do. I might sit down and try a solitare game but I struggle to play boardgames solo... esp with so many video games totally unplayed (damn you Steam christmas sale!).

The real highlight was getting to run a game of Daring Tales of Adventure. Three friends were in on the game and they didn't do very well at all. In fact they got blown up about a third of the way through the story. I think I am going to have to change my GMing style to accommodate their AP a little and hopefully drive them on at more of a cinematic pulp pace! I will be keeping a log of the encounters on Obsidian Portal but these will contain spoilers so if you would like to play the games yourself I suggest not following this.

In other news I have now picked up a BeBook Club and will soon be cramming my head full of Doc Savage, Fu Manchu and Lovecraft!!!


  1. No more dog? I won't be able to recognize you!

    We played a very fun and social story-building RPG the other day called Fiasco. It's worth checking out, we had a blast with it.


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