Ou est le blog?

Yeah so I have been a bit quiet on the blog front for a while now... why?
I had no internet. It turns out, to no-one's great surprise that BT are a bunch of cocksukers. We pay for an expensive Business Broadband package and in the last couple of months have had it fail 3 times, every time it has been due to their mistakes, taken at least 3 days to fix (a week this time) and cost a fortune in phone calls spent listening to hold musak. So I am paying for not receiving internet, I am paying to have them fix it in premium rate phone calls and I have no sign of an appology. Oh and an item I ordered from Japan has been charged VAT at 60% by customs with Parcelforce throwing in 75% of the original cost in admin...
Do I walk around with a sign on my forehead saying 'Screw me' or something?
Rant over... normal service will resume in about a week.
- Raggy, signing out