Introducing the Schlossfels Loose Shots

This unit of young nobles are the epitome of the Nuln upper classes, they join in combat for the glory. They care nothing about the well-being of the city, empire or mankind; to them this is just another hunt, with prey of a higher calibre. This attitude means they are as popular with their allies as with those looking down the barrels of their pistols and on more than one occasion the two have been one. They are assured a place on the battlefield thanks to their 'familiarity' with Countess Emmanuelle. Of course nobody is sure if she does this to appease them or dispose of the evidence, and most of their fellows care little enough for the spoilt brats that make up the Schlossfels.

ps. Yes I do need to take more photos. Alas models are packed in preparation for house move...

  • I have a few more SuperFigs to finish-off
  • The last bits on my VASA
  • Prep-work on my zombies to prepare for priming.
  • Khador
After that lot is done I am prob going to pack my minis away in preparation for the upcoming move.