Horror Unleashed

Painted monsters to date.

I've been working hard to catch up on my mini/day target having slipped some 40 days behind schedule. Things aren't as bleak as that may initially indicate however as I've already done a lot of prep work on both my Mansions of Madness minis and Descent minis ahead of my trip to Ireland. Now that I am on that trip, I am in a position to churn out quite a number of minis pretty quickly. A lot of the monsters were painted up mostly by the airbrush during this prep stage, leaving just the finishing touches for me to do.
The minis are also generally a pretty rough quality so I have no issues with being a little rough and ready in how I finish them.
Having said that - you put them all together and suddenly they look pretty damn good.

The investigators take a lot longer to paint than the monsters... still have 10 to paint.

Of course the keen eyed among you will notice that this is not quite everything in the set... even after all this time, I'm still working on the last few monsters and investigators... stay tuned for updates.

Update: Sept 3rd 2018
Monsters finished! The last bundle of humanoid monsters was tough to grind through but I got there! I did a quick snap of them along with the latest investigators to get painted up. 6 more investigators and I will be completely up to date!

From: Left to right: Maniacs, Wizard, Rioters, Child of Dagon, Hired Guns, Goat Spawn, Priest of Dagon

From left to right: Charlie Kane, Carson Sinclair, Preston Fairmont, Agatha Crane

- Raggy, signing out