Introducing The Vanir Volcanoes

Remember these guys? Yeah, it's been a while...

Minotaur, Troll and Ogre

All done and dusted at last. I'd mostly finished them by the end of November however my trip to the US held me up with posting any updates.

Skaven, Dark Elf and Goblin

As I got more practice in, I'm pretty pleased with the flame effects on the shoulder pads. It took a little practice but got there eventually and it came out pretty well. The rest of the models are a little bare bones - the linemen in particular look a little underwhelming as I got lazy with the NMM and the skin tones. This is still just the most basic team setup, I will work on the rest of the team soon I hope.

6 Chaos marauder linemen

As a little bonus, I polished off a couple of figures that had been sitting around for quite a while in my collection:

Jim and Bob - the voices of Blood Bowl

I LOVE theses sculpts. They're course as anything but they are so fun! and instantly identifiable. These two really are a huge part of Blood Bowl for me. I am not sure the purple isn't a little too much but it does make him pop!

- Raggy, signing out