How to paint 23 Genestealers in 3 days

Painting Step by step: 

Primed Stynylrez Black
Army Painter Enchanted Blue Zenithal (mask off base)

Genestealers primed black and zenithal blue

Drybrush Magic Blue carapace highlights

Genestealer with drybrushed carapace

Drybrush Coat D'Arms Dark Grey and Light Grey for metals
Army Painter Alien Purple Head and Hands

Genestealers with the bases and heads painted.

Drybrush the Purple with AK Faded White

Genestealers getting some head definition

Army Painter Leather Brown teeth, Claws and Bones
Highlight up to Coat D'Arms Bone

Broodlord rocking some painted skulls.Genestealer climbing down a bulkhead.

Army Painter Oak Brown and Minitaire Pumpkin Weathering and Rusting

Low res photo of finished genestealers

- Raggy, signing out