Bubblegum Crisis - Boomers!

So I've just finished my current Blood Bowl team, the league is two weeks in and I should definitely be focused on painting up my next team... and well I have to admit that I am struggling a little to get excited by them. I am sure they will get done, but the scheme I want calls for a LOT of NonMetallicMetal bronze (see my next post for more details).

Sooo instead of actually making headway with them, I have taken to a couple of diversions. You already saw the two skeletons I painted in a few minutes, I also have a unit of Mantic Skeleton Troops that have been started. These all got dug out as I was looking for volunteers for Zenithal Priming treatment for my homework for Miniature Monthly. In addition to those, some ooolld figures of mine also got unearthed. 25mm Bubblegum Crisis models from Ground Zero Games. I took the larger ones for my Zenithal Priming and Finished up the Boomers the other night:

Three Bubblegum Crisis Boomer models painted

What amazed me was taking these down my FLGS, how many people remember Bubblegum Crisis. In the UK it was a show that even many anime fans hadn't heard of (although it was one of my first anime shows). I think this is largely down to anime penetrating US markets earlier than the UK and also more widely. In any case I loved the various incarnations of the show I have seen and unearthing these figures again was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully I can get the other models in the range (Knight Sabers, Genom & A.D. Police) painted up quickly as well.

- Raggy, signing out