Frosty the unwanted varnish snowman...

I'm sure it's happened to others of you reading this blog... that moment when Frosty comes and sh*ts all over your painstakingly painted model. In this blog I am looking into how to try and undo the damage without completely stripping and repainting the model.

This whole endeavor came about because I was rushing too much. I had backed a fantasy football team to use for Blood Bowl and the football that came as a stretch goal I offered to a friend. I needed a break from my Pro Elf Spartans so decided to knock the mini out in an evening. It was all going swimmingly until I stepped out onto the porch to varnish the figure... of course it's tipping it down and the result was a ruined paint job:

Norse Football frosted up

Sooo what can I do to fix this?

The first resource I found seemed to promote the use of a hairdryer... I tried this but was scared of damaging the paint with an overly high temperature and was unable to see any noticeable improvement.

Well this article seemed to suggest that some olive oil could fix things up a treat so...

bowl of Olive Oil

After leaving to stand for a few minutes, it's clear that some of the frosting has been knocked back but the areas where more of the varnish had built up, notably in the recesses at the base of the 'prow' are still showing frosting:

Norse Football after oil

So this technique clearly has some merit however it doesn't fix areas where the varnish is thicker.

- Raggy, signing out