On to the next Blood Bowl team!

So it's been a whole week since I finished off The Carnal Cavaliers so clearly it's time for the next Blood Bowl team. I am doing something slightly different with this team compared to the last few teams - I have decided to go back to the old 'paint a test piece first' method. I'd gotten lazy about doing this because what invariably happens is I paint it up the way I initially planned... so what's the point? Welll yeah but I think what I fail to remember are all the little changes that are made along the way.
In the case of the pro elves I had an initial plan of painting them up like the Michigan State mascot:
First Coat

But I soon realized that I wanted to really paint bronze armor. Non Metallic Metal is one of the techniques I really want to work on improving and this is a great opportunity, lots of metal on show to really work with. It's going to take a lot longer to paint this up because NMM really requires a lot of layering with fine gradient shifts to look right. I got the first layer down. Normally I would work from black but my brown paints don't have great coverage and I am worried about getting the coverage to work so starting with Oak Brown:

Spartan Footballer

 I could continue to use the greens on the under layers, but thinking about it, I figured, I should go with the 'classic' Spartan aesthetic:


So already the test model is paying off. However Spartans have bare legs... the models have trousers... soooo what do I do for them? I am thinking white as a pretty traditional football uniform leggings. So here's where I am at so far:

Spartan miniature part painted

- Raggy, signing out