NMM Gold

Just a quick update. A friend of mine asked on facebook for some advice on Gold NMM and it just happened that I worked on some recently so I figured I would post a couple of images and share my thoughts. I should note that this is only my second or third attempt at NMM gold and I am hardly an expert painter but I was pretty pleased with the results. In this case it's the bracelets being worn by my Goblin team Oni troll. Click on the images to see them full size.

Paint colors used

I have found it really important to start with a much darker color than you think you are going to need. Here I started with Fur Brown and I think that even this is a little too light really. If I'd had more patience, I would have brought it up from Oak brown. Even though you don't really leave any of this darkest color showing; it comes through in the depth and helps shade the recesses.

The key thing with all NMM styles and it really sucks, but it's the truth - there are NO shortcuts. There's no way out, you have to start dark, go all the way up to white, you have to do it a tiny little increment at a time and you have to do every shade. That's all there is to it. Any jump and you ruin it. You also need to make sure your model's light source is correct and consistent (something I suck at).

I have found that washing NMM ruins the effect. You can do it for aged/battered armour but even then I've not been satisfied with the result a lot of the time. Give it a go and post comments with your efforts!
- Raggy, signing out