Introducing the Yokai Hackers!

This team was a bit of a mad rush over the holidays in order to have them table ready for the Quake last weekend. As a result, there aren't a lot of in progress pictures to show their developmental progress. I did a lot of experimentation with them despite this however particularly regarding manual shading and highlighting which really paid off for the creams and goblin skintones. One thing I found to my chagrin is that I really don't have the range of reds that I need to get good layering and shading on these (a big part of the palettes) which I think let down the models overall.

So here they are in their full glory! A couple of photos taken at West Coast Quake of the team getting ready to perform their worst. My next post will be a look at my (less than) stellar performance at the Tournament.

Full Yokai Hacker team in their dugout
Some line gobbos
The two Trolls dressed as Oni
Coach with Secret Weapons Goblins, Commentator and the Ref

- Raggy, signing out