Call to boycott AK Interactive *UPDATED*

This is a public letter I have posted here and elsewhere in response to marketing campaign and product put out by AK Interactive:

Dear AK Interactive,

"We're sorry you were offended" is not an apology.
Profiting off of genocide is not acceptable.
Pulling an apology less than a day after posting it smacks of insincerity.
A book teaching people how to reproduce genocide in miniature is tasteless at best. Using such a book to push your products is vile.
Using videos of genocide to market it without warning particularly given age of many hobbyists is beyond stupid.
Pull the book, apologise and fire those responsible for the marketing and approval of this campaign.

Dev - RaggyPaints

PS: The outrage in English doesn't seem to make any impact so I've asked a friend to translate into Spanish for you.

Estimado AK Interactive,

"Lamentamos que se sienta ofendido" no equivale a una disculpa.
Aprovecharse de un genocidio con el fin de obtener ganancias, no es aceptable.
Tampoco es aceptable pedir disculpas después del hecho.
Un libro que enseña como reproducir o imitar en miniatura un genocidio va mucho más allá del mal gusto, es sencillamente infame. Es despreciable promocionar productos de esta manera.
El uso de videos de genocidio para comercializar el producto y sin previo aviso es bastante torpe, dada la edad de muchos aficionados.
Haz el favor de retirar el libro, discúlpate y despide a los responsables del marketing y campaña de este producto.

Dev - RaggyPaints

For those of you who are unaware of the campaign or missed the original information, there is a link to The Bear's YouTube video that captured what AK Interactive then attempted to pull down. There was also an apology posted for a short while before also being pulled. I have copied the video below - please BE WARNED - there is some very disturbing imagery included but I would like to thank The Bear for documenting this for posterity and bringing to light the vile behaviour of this company in this campaign.

If you use AK Interactive products please join me in switching to other products and boycotting their brand (If there is interest I can do an article on alternatives for some of the products I previously used)
If you are a retailer stocking AK Interactive products - please stop, reach out to your distributor and press them to stop as well.


- Raggy, signing out

As of September 4th - AK Interactive posted a true apology to their facebook page. The book is still for sale- something I don't really agree with given some of the contents, but the apology posted (and embedded below) goes a long way towards fixing their mistakes.

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