A Day to Give Thanks

I have only been in the US for a few years and on previous Thanksgivings, that has meant taking some time to look back on all the things that I have to be thankful for in this world and put them down on (electronic) paper. In previous years this was done on another blog which has since fallen by the wayside and I thought that this year, rather than resurrect that one, I would move to this one as my main blog. This year has seen a lot of shifting and changing, and whilst it has definitely not all been good, I'm still here. With so much going on, having a reason to really look on the good in life is really important so here goes:

I am really really thankful to have a wonderful, supportive partner who deals with me when I am emo-y and a grouch.

To all my friends, wherever you are, I am blessed to have so many of you, to call on you whenever and wherever and know you've got my back. I'd like to give an especially big shout to the Tuesday night gaming crew for dialing me in to share their secret santa exchange with me, despite being half a world away. All of you are awesome.

I'd also like to shout out to science and technology that make staying in touch with everyone back in the UK so easy, that gives me employment, means I can order pizza at 1am without getting out of bed and all the other indulgences it affords.

With all that off my chest, what else did I get up to on this day of all days? well... this:

Which gave birth to this:

Best tasting Turkey EVER!