I am now looking to get printing...
I am a huge fan of World Works Games and in particular their new modular scenery system called TerrainLinx. I have had a load of files of theirs for some time but I have finally resolved to make a start on fabricating some of their stuff en mass.
This means a few initial expenses for me, as I sort out getting a new printer, CISS to reduce printing costs, Card, Foam Core, spray mount and various other bits and pieces...

Quite an undertaking! It is also not helped by the company being Canadian so much of the measuring and specs provided are in Imperial gobbledegook. So as I go along I will be making notes in this blog to hopefully help me along...

Printer: Canon iP4700
CISS: Opus UV Range

Paper:160gsm +
Foamcore: 5mm-8mm
Spray Mount: 3M

I have now got a Canon iP4700 with CISS all up and running! The thing works great! Now to get some spraymount, foamcore and get going!

- Raggy, signing out!