My Will is weak...

Well a couple of weeks ago, I went back up to my old Uni and met up with some friends who told me about the latest game to come out of Spartan Games... Dystopian Wars, well I succumbed. I picked up a Rulebook, Deck of Cards, and Empire of the Blazing Sun starter fleet (I would've got a carrier as well but there were none in stock). I am in the process of painting them up and hoping to get a game in this weekend. It has also prompted me to go back and review my existing Spartan stuff. I have a Dindrenzi Fleet for Firestorm: Armada and a random collection of stuff for Uncharted Seas.

Looking at it now, I clearly got carried away and I want to cut back and consolidate into two fleets for each system. One of my problems is that there is quite a lot of overlap with other people who live near me. Of the 4 other players in my area the only other Firestorm player has Dindrenzi and of the two Uncharted players, one has Iron Dwarves... This is a bit of a frustration. I think I may end up selling off the Iron Dwarves to him if he is willing and sticking with Dragon Lords and either Shroud Mages or Orc Raiders (Imperial Navy will prob end up on eBay).

So anyway this coming weekend we are all getting together at mine and playing a few games to make sure everyone knows all the systems (not that there is much difference from one system to the next). I will put some photos up of ships as they get painted up and maybe some shots of the games.

In other news I had a great boardgame meetup over the weekend with some friends and got to try a few new games including a second play of 7 Wonders which I am starting to really love. Also I was wakened this morning by the postman delivering Thunderstone! The best thing I have woken up to in a depressingly long time.

- Raggy, signing out