Month 5 - Back to rank and file

The penultimate month of this excellent endeavour had arrived and I was feeling cocky. A slight over ordering meant that I had an additional unit of Kharadron Overlords above my initially planned two squads, well no matter - I'll just paint up more models. Why not.
I'd kicked off my participation in #taleof5painters with a squad of cutlass armed pirates, and I knew my second squad would take the hatchets... a little less piratey but it makes them distinct. But... what to do for the third squad? Well having lost an axe arm, I found a random Ironbreaker shield arm to attach to one of the models and decided I really liked the look of a pistol and shield. Certainly not the most traditional of weapon pairings but, as 30k fans will tell you - Breachers have a certain je ne sais quoi to them and I think these chaps are no different.

 Painting 20 went faster than I'd expected, even having to do extra bases and more customization, it was clear that my colour scheme had become second nature at this point. I even put a little more care into the highlights and detailing that I'd originally planned. I am particularly pleased with how the shields themselves came out. The light value across the curvature of the surface is not realistic but it really does lend visual interest to the models.

Is there more I could do on them? Absolutely but I'm please enough with how they turned out and I really don't feel the need to sit down and put more work into them. I may still do some more to the frigates and Ironclad but these chaps I'm ready to call done.

Next month? Ahhh well it's finally time for the man himself, Admiral Lafit of Barak Baratar! For him, I really will be putting in a little more effort.

- Raggy, signing out