It's a Pirate Dwarf for me

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And so I truly begins! February 2021 - Month 1 of A Tale of Five Painters is upon us! Each month, we painters have a target to build up and paint. You can find details of our first month's objectives here:

Essentially we are looking to get a unit and a hero (non-general) fully painted this month... can do!
The first thing was to get the models. Out here in California we've been having some trouble getting some models as GW wrestles with Britain's desperate attempt to economically shoot itself in the face... so I did the only reasonable thing and panic bought everything!

Brand new boxes amounting to a full Kharadron Army.

This is in fact more than I intended to paint up for the challenge directly but is certainly a solid starting point. As always a huge shout out to who were able to get me everything I needed in time to participate in the challenge.

Arkanaut Company and Aether Khemist ready to go

My original roster ran with an Aetheric Navigator, however I had an Aether Khemist ready to go sooo this chappie got bumped up the list.

Zenithal primed models and basecoated bases.

I have a half-baked display board in mind for Armies on Parade this year with these models - part of that will be having the foot troopers on wooden planking so Green Stuff rollers to the rescue.

Fully painted Aether Khemist

You may notice a few changes from the test model. I never really understood the point of the backpacks for the Arkanauts - I think this is a piece of fluff I totally missed but switching to the lighter leather armour look really doesn't work with a giant backpack like that on all the troops. I also performed headswaps on all the models - I really don't like the lifeless masks of the default helmets so sourced a load of various duardin heads to use instead!

The fully painted Arkanaut Company and Aether Khemist to complete Month 1

Command Squad

Specialist troops painted

Painted rank and file

Next Month: We move onto something bigger... much bigger!
- Raggy, signing out