The Privateers of Barak Baratar

Barak Baratar in the Realm of Ghur was one of the first ports to be established outside of Chamon, formed by fragmentists and radicals looking to break away from those that wished the code to be too tightly enforced, they embraced the nature of the realm with a wilder way of being.
They have long held close trading links to Barak Mhornar to offload their 'acquired' goods as a place they found a warmer welcome than most other Sky Ports.
Since Garaktormun (the Necroquake), Baratar's leadership has shifted the focus of the clan. They were badly hit, loosing fully half their fleet and severely damaging almost all the rest. Clan leaders met to discuss this calamity. After many days of debate, argument and a couple of incidents of outright fisticuffs - a new course was set. It was clear that Garaktormun was a sign that Barak Baratar (and by implication, if not outright declaration, the other Sky Ports) had become decadent, complacent with their riches... it was time for the Kharadron to remember their origins. 
Test model finished - Front View
To this end, the clan leaders set in place new tenants to live and operate by. Gone are the gaudy displays of wealth, function is to be the new watchword. Much of the wealth held had to be invested in repairs of the remaining fleet and new gains are heavily tithed to ensure the long term health of the whole clan. The clan leaders also imparted an emphasis on knowing the skies, the environment, experiencing the things around them, much like they forefathers did when they first took to a life among the clouds.
Under the command of Admiral Lafit, 'Lafit's Lads' are tasked with venturing across the realms to lay claim to new seams of Aether-Gold to ensure the rebuilding of Barak Baratar. This may be their assigned task, but if other profitable opportunities present themselves, well so much the better.

Next month: We officially launch and I dive into my first squad and hero.
- Raggy, signing out