2020 year in review

Well it's been quite the year for all of us. For myself we've been trying to get ourselves set up in our future home, trying to get a job and trying to stay healthy. But through all that, I have painted more minis than ever before, even painting up some other models for Charity and Friends.

Going into the year I knew there would be a lot of change, variables and uncertainty having just moved to a new country and still having a lot of things to do before settling into our home. I had vaguely hoped to continue my recent tradition of painting at least 365 models/year with the stretch goal of 500/year. I blew all those targets out of the water as I took on some commissions and had no regular job to distract me. 

Of course that's somewhat offset by the massive number of minis that I purchased! The result is that I haven't really made much headway in my backlog. The Necromunda boxed sets were a particularly big acquisition but mean I now have a good lot of terrain for playing games in the future. Also a huge lot of Mordian Iron Guard that I got off of a friend as he looks to thin his collection down a little.

Models painted: 770
Models purchased: 529
Models sold: 115
Models painted for others: 359
Net Models painted this year: -3

Purchased: (529 net:414)
1 Secret Santa Model
12 Mansions of Madness Models
1 Incredible Hulk
1 Badger Mini
1 Taurox
1 Commissar
10 Tempestus Scions
1 Vampire Lord
16 Descent Models
68 Harry Potter Models
122 Indomitus
1 Chronomatic Cogs
1 Zoat
50 Dark Uprising Terrain
24 Mortalis Tiles
15 Reaper Minis
100 Mordian Iron Guard
2 Adepticon Minis
2 Ripper Jackson models
3 Warhammer Chibi models
1 IG Sergeant
8 Underworlds minis
40 Recruit starter minis
6 Necron Minis
30 Blood Bowl minis
6 Death Guard minis
6 miniature Monday reaper minis

Sold: (115)
1 Secret Santa
1 Sister of Battle
3 Model box models
47 Indomitus
50 Empire Soldiers
2 Reaper Minis
1 Adepticon Mini +1 missing...
10 Assault Intercessors

So what of next year? 
I sincerely hope to get a regular job in the coming year and so am expecting my output to be back down to ~300-500 minis in the year. I will probably take the opportunity to try and focus on the quality of my painting rather than the focus on speed that I've had over the last few years. I will also hopefully cut back on my commissions. I have enjoyed them, learnt a lot and improved my speed through doing them however with a regular job, I'd rather focus on my own excessive backlog (not to mention the various new shinies I will no doubt find in the coming year!)

- Raggy, signing out