Thanksgiving 2019

Those of you that are regular readers of my blog will know that every Thanksgiving, I put out a post to remind myself of the things I have to be thankful for in the year that has passed. Although an Englishman, I have really developed a love of setting aside time to do this to reflect and reason on these things in my life. (I also realize that this is not necessarily how the holiday tends to be celebrated in the main, as a secular expression of gratitude to the Universe at large for what I have... it is also independent of The Mayflower, Plymouth and the varying atrocities that have been and continue to be visited on various indigenous peoples around the world).

This year has, in many ways, been exceptionally good. Her Majesty's Government finally deigned to allow my wife into the country after a year and a half, and we are now gearing up to a move back to the US where it would seem we are both more welcome. For all that there has been discomfort in this country, I am glad that my wife has had a chance to experience my motherland first hand, we've been to the Lakes, my University, around London and my childhood hangouts and I am so glad that we have. I will miss the UK, a lot, but at the same time - it is breaking my heart what this country is becoming.

On the hobby side - Although my gaming has taken still further hits, I have really come a long way in my painting this year. Winning some pins at both Nova Open and Golden Demon as well as a Gold in Armies on Parade this year. My volume output is set to be a little lower than last year's heady total of >500 models but at some 350+ models and counting, I'm still well on track to meet my 365 models/year standard that I set for myself in 2018.

I've also gone from 1:1 tuition to teaching classes and may even get a shot at teaching at some conventions in the coming year. All of this is thanks to the support of the community, particularly Kat and Caleb of CK Studios and Sam. I also owe a huge thanks to the Alumni community that has built up out of CK Classes. They keep motivating me with their posts and enthusiasm, I think that even though painting is often a solitary activity, a community really helps.

There is still a lot to learn but I am really looking forward to the challenges ahead.

- Raggy, signing out