Blackstone Fortress: Unit - Ur Ghuls

Painted up Ur Ghuls ready for basing

Working on these Ur Ghul was an interesting experience for me. I don't have a particularly large array of GW paints (Contrast excepted). And as such, although I regularly watch Duncan and Peachy's painting tutorials - I seldom follow them particularly closely. While watching the Spindle Drones video they put out - I realized I really liked the finish and was impressed with the speed. I then checked out the Ur Ghul video and was similarly impressed.

Inspired as I was, I decided to try following the tutorial as closely as possible* and the result? Well... I kicked it off with a zenithal...

Zenithal primed front

Zenithal primed - back

So having already departed from the video I decided to try and bring it a little back on point...

Drakenhoff nightshade, thinned with Lahmia medium - simple... except I don't have any Lahmia medium (coulda sworn I did!) so proxied with Contrast medium. It worked pretty well nonetheless:

First pass with the wash

A quick second coat:


And then a drybrush with Ulthuan Grey... which, again, I don't have soo another proxy. This time I used ScaleColour - Arctic Blue as a proxy.

Dry brushed Ur Ghul

Adding in the Druchii Violet and feathering it out with a drybrush is the first stage of this whole process that I did exactly according to the tutorial.

Adding in the druchii violet

Eventually I even remembered to do the faces and glazed in the bloodletter as well!!!

Finished models

And with that, they were done. This is a really simple process that produces great results in about 2hrs (while simultaneously working on the Spindle Drones).

- Raggy, signing out

* I still used a zenithal highlight because some habits are hard to break!