Blackstone Fortress: Unit - Traitor Guard & Beastmen

Annnd this is where the train jumps the tracks. The plan was all well and good and then it was hit by my own desire to paint... but kind of in a good way. One thing that I've found really accelerates my painting is when my head clicks on how I intend to paint something. In this case is was the fatigues and the armour on the traitor guard... of course I had these guys a lot later in the sequence but once I knew how I wanted to do them - they got done.

Dark Angels Green for the armour, Aggaros Dunes for the Fatigues, Gore-Brown Fur for the furs, Flesh Tearer Red for the cloth bandannas. From here - I bring up the highlights using texturing techniques.

Initially I had figured that Beastmen would be done separately as their skin, fur and horns are so different from the rest of the chaos models but as I looked at the models in more detail - they still have a lot of armour etc and what's more - it looks (broadly) the same as the Traitor Guard. The more I thought about it, I started to build a story in my own head for the Blackstone Fortress. This is actually the same fortress that was thrown into Cadia by Abaddon. The Traitor Guard got caught up in it and changed in the warp - but not as much as the poor Beastmen who have visible evidence of their transit through the warp. It also allowed me to unify more of the models on the Chaos side.

Beastmen WIP

Finished running Beastmen

Finished Standing Beastmen

So it wasn't the intended result but I finished the beastmen and traitor guard in good time.

- Raggy, signing out