Blackstone Fortress: Unit - Spindle Drones, Ambull & Borewyrms

It had been such a strong start - getting the Ur Ghul's painted and a solid start on the Spindle Drones. I quickly followed up by finishing the Spindle drones:

Zenithal'd Spindle Drones recoloured Blue

The spindle drones were much more of a challenge than the Ur Ghuls in a strange way. As with the Ur Ghuls I had decided to follow the Warhammer TV method however I quickly realized that they really weren't well adapted to the Zenithal method leaving me to repaint fairly large sections of the model to adjust the base layer to something closer to what Ducan was using. The result is a much 'bluer' Spindle Drone but I think it still works - especially given the time investment. I was a little heavy handed with some of the drybrushing in places... something I've been getting better with but still slip occasionally.

Finished Spindle Drone

Given there's not much to say about these chaps - I figured I'd throw in the next two things I painted up - Ambull and Borewyrms. These models were held up as I wanted to try colour shift paints for the carapaces to give a beetle-like appearance. Eventually I got the paint and forged ahead with the painting. I primed flat black and colour shift lightly to try and keep it a dark but still colour shift that is identifiable.

 Finished Dread Ambull

Having got this done I realized that there is actually a lot of flesh on the model.... sigh. So I then have to cover the colour shift with more paint... This resulted in a lot longer process than I'd anticipated. After a sizeable amount of back and forth I got the model painted up. There are still a lot of things I am not super happy with in the model. In my head the sculpt was (and strangely still is) a lot more like a Tyranid with layered plates that allow for higher contrast - blackened recesses in the join. I also screwed up with getting paint on the plates in some places that are then pretty hard to cover up. I also realized I wasn't sure how to mark up the scratches... all in all - were I to do it over, there are a lot of things I'd do very differently but overall - they're painted and they don't look totally terrible!
Finished Borewyrms

- Raggy, signing out

* I still used a zenithal highlight because some habits are hard to break!