Blackstone Fortress: 1.6 Test Model

You can find the start of this project here.
Imperial Assault game in progress. Photo and Models - Alistair Scott

This is a really interesting one for me. There are obviously a lot of very different models in this box and in a sense - two opposing factions. So how will we 'unify' the whole box into a look? How valuable is the 'Test Model' when there are inherently going to be so many different looks across the models?

To answer my own rhetorical question... it kind of makes it even more important. With so many different models, the test model gives me a chance to really focus on what colours and techniques to use to give a unified feel to the whole game.

One thing I knew going in is that I'd be doing something with the bases. This is actually something pretty consistent across most of the Blackstone Fortress Projects that I've seen - the great Duncan has a whole video dedicated to his take on it! Not all the projects are the same but everyone want's to evoke the same vibe in their models.

As mentioned already in my Planning post - I have actually already made a decision to try a new direction for basing this set - clear acrylic bases.

- Raggy, signing out