Blackstone Fortress: 1.5 Motivation

You can find the start of this project here.

Photo of my painting area at home.

My Hobby area is pretty much always kept clean and ready. I am a bit of a tidy freak and since I set aside a portion of my main work desk for my painting equipment, I've been able to become much more productive (and a painting streamer on Twitch and YouTube!). Similarly, now that I am set up pretty much all the time, and have things I listen to while working on my models - I am pretty good at knuckling down and working on the models.

As always - Instagram photos will be going up but I will also be starting a solitaire play through of the game as soon as it's finished so that's the big carrot for me here.
And the stick? Well that'd be all of you - the readers of this blog, the viewers of my streams and followers of my IG account. I ask all of you to hold me to these time lines, to nudge me to post progress and ask how I'm doing on a regular basis.

I should say, I am not committing to streaming this whole project as I will likely work at an array of times and in a pretty intense manner but I will make certain to provide updates to keep you all in the loop!

- Raggy, signing out