Blackstone Fortress: 1.4 Planning

You can find the start of this project here.

At this point I am ready to start laying down a plan. Between the Aims and Expectations stages of the project a LOT changed. I started picking up the models and cleaning them up already. I also substantially changed my intended basing plan in light of a friend's method of handling models (clear bases for his Imperial Assault models). On their own I'm not a fan of this aesthetic however what he said made a lot of sense - for games on beautiful printed boards - the models are always on the correct terrain! That and a huge lightening of the workload sold me on the plan and just like that I was snipping of the slotta pegs on the bottom of the models.

One thing I realized in the process of going through this is that cleaning models doesn't sit in the same hobby time as painting for me. Uncle Atom of Tabletop Minions has kind of spoken about this in the past and how he will often clean minis when visiting with friends etc. For me - cleaning & assembling minis is a TV activity while painting minis is audio only (cue podcasts and audiobooks!).

I need to think about how to reflect this in future project plans, for this one however it meant by the time I was ready to write a plan... I'd already assembled and primed them all in any case.

I took a first pass at the plan on paper as I was on a technology hating day:

Project plan - things to paint and dates to paint them.

To make that more parseable:

Models Assemble: June 1st-28th
Models Prime: June 29th

Painting Schedule:

  • Ur Ghuls (25mm): June 30th (done)
  • Spindle Drones (25mm): July 4th (done early)
  • Bore Wyrms (25mm): July 5th (done late)
  • Ambull (50mm): July 5th-6th (done late)
  • Traitor Guard (25mm): July 11th-12th (done)
  • Pious, Taddeus, Janus (32mm): July 12th-14th
  • Rogue Psykers (32mm): July 15th
  • Rein and Raus (25mm): July 16th
  • Negavolt Cultists (32mm): July 17th
  • Obsidius Mallex (40mm): July 18th
  • Chaos Space Marines (32mm): July 19th
  • UR-025 (32mm): July 20th
  • Dahyak (32mm): July 21st
  • Chaos Beastmen (32mm): July 22nd (done early)
  • Amallyn (32mm): July 23rd
  • Esperon (32mm): July 24th
  • Varnish & Base July 24th

This plan would mean I finished my models on my Birthday (Happy Birthday to ME!) but my actual target date is really the end of the month meaning I have plenty of buffer.

As mentioned in the course - I have looked to mix and match between 'units', 'elites' and 'characters' to help keep interest and motivation. I have also ordered to optimise overlap. This should allow me to work on more models at the same time and potentially concatenate some of these dates!

- Raggy, signing out

UPDATE (16th July):
Model status updated - dates not revised. Traitor Command models purchased:
Traitor Commissar (32mm): July 25th
Chaos Ogryn (40mm): July 25th