Blackstone Fortress: 1.3 Expectations

You can find the start of this project here.

In the process of developing this planning stage. I got the opportunity to take a few months break from my job and put more time into my painting. This is amazing news as I have some competitions coming up that I want to work on entries for - Capital Palette at Nova Open and then the old Armies on Parade!

My basic working plan for this project will be to put in 4hrs each scheduled day. This is a pretty conservative value for me as I can routinely put in more but I am also aware that I will be working on other pieces as well. With this increased flexibility, I decided to just go for a lightweight plan, assign a model / unit for each 1-2 days I'll have free and aim to get the models done by the end of July. I have never really timed myself on a project like this. - How long does it take me to assemble a model? NO IDEA! I've never really timed myself before.*

- Raggy, signing out

*in fact I have timed myself sort of on a YouTube Livestream. Spoiler - took me about 30min to narrate my assembly of three Primaris Intercessors. Similarly I can brush paint a model start to finish in about 2hrs to decent finish. Airbrushing significantly reduces this time.