Blackstone Fortress 1.1 Inspiration

For those of you that don't know, I work with CK Studios and maintain their Alumni group. I love doing this and as part of the group - I put together a course for folks wishing to take on a new project that in the hopes that it will help people get fully painted armies done and on the table. My buddy Ulrich was the guinea pig for the project with his excellent blog which I've already mentioned here on the blog (you really should check it out!).

I wanted to go through the course myself - unfortunately I am pretty far into my Death Guard project for Armies on Parade this year and it looks a while before I will start my next real 'Army' project. In theory, however, the course should work for other projects and so I figured I would test this theory on Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

I have always been a sucker for dungeon delving and my biggest regret in my hobby life is never picking up the original Warhammer Quest (closely followed by never getting the Man'o'War boxset). When I saw Blackstone Fortress I was intrigued but wary - I'd almost fallen for the siren's call of Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhall neither of which were enough like the original for my liking. Blackstone Fortress was different - it is a different universe and... it has a sort of legacy element!!!

I rushed out to buy it and the (first) expansion once I had finally made the decision to jump into the game and here I am with yet another miniature's board game in need of painting!

Next time I talk about my Aims in the project.
- Raggy, signing out