Nighthaunts (Thorns of the Briar Queen)

Fully painted Thorns of the Briar Queen

It's been a while since I've put up a painting guide... or really much of any posts. I wanted to get this one thrown up quickly with some of the steps. Recently I've had a 'thing' that I've been focusing on with each of my projects. Some of you may recall this being 'airbrushing almost everything' with the Chosen Axes I posted a while back. For these folks - I wanted to mess around with the Hexwraith Flame technical paint from GW. It seemed like a good shortcut to a vibrant and ethereal green.

Example of the airbrushing effect


Airbrush White Primer
Careful airbrushing Hexwraith Flame leaving furthest areas white
Drybrush white to pick out high points
Paint Hexwraith Flame into creases, folds & joins
Fill eye sockets with Biel-Tan Green

Airbrushed models in case foam

Basecoat finished and details picked out in black


Paint Black
Paint Chainmail
Mostly paint over with Typhus corrosion
Drybrush ScaleColor (SC) Mars Orange
Pick out chips with Mithril Silver

Finished models in case foam

Other Bits:

Candle -

  • Flame is White with blue glazed to the base. 
  • Candle is white with Sepia glaze to give yellowing

Roses - (Going for a decayed / withered look)

  • Stem is Rhinox Hide washed with Nuln Oil for a near black Brown
  • Flowers are White washed with 2 layers of Druchii Violet and one of Nuln Oil


Paint Black
Heavy Drybrush SC Graphene Grey
Regular Drybrush SC Graphite
Light Drybrush SC White
Wash recesses with Nuln Oil
Rim bases Black

Thorns of the Briar Queen fully painted

All in all there is plenty more I could have done to help pull out the contrast and detailing on these models. They are gorgeous sculpts and do deserve more attention than I lavished on them but I have a mountain of plastic that needs to see paint and I am pretty pleased with how these folks came out. If I were to do it over there are 2 things I would change - I would make a step shift for the under fabric being whiter than the over fabric and I would paint the skulls up as actual skulls rather than ghost. Two minor nits but good to note for future reference.
- Raggy, signing out