250 reasons to be thankful

It's that time of year again - the day I get a little introspective and put out a post on the things I have to be grateful for. Although I am in the UK again, I still value setting aside this day to take a moment to really appreciate the things I have in life.

This year, this post coincides with my 250th post on this Blog so let's start there as a reason to be thankful. I first posted to this blog way back in early 2009 whilst I was still a student and just starting to get back into a hobby I'd abandoned in the face of raging hormones. That's almost 10 years ago now... and in that time I've averaged about 2 posts/month... Frankly, for me that's a pretty epic achievement.
Of course there have been times when it's been less and others more, but by and large, the blog has grown well and now nets several thousand views every month from all you wonderful people who come visit, read and most importantly keep me honest!
That's really the key thing with this blog - I do it to help motivate myself in the hobby - to ensure that I paint more minis than I buy (nobody mention the thousand odd Samurai models that are mostly still on their sprues!). This goes beyond just the posts you see. I have several draft posts that I use to track my purchases vs. completions and targets for what to get done and by when.
I've taken classes and even built up some contacts and standing in the community going as far as working with CK Studios as their community manager. All this and improved my painting skills in the process.

Of course it wouldn't be a Thanksgiving post without expressing my thanks to having such an amazing wife... one that I may even be able to live with at some point! She constantly grounds me in my life and I wouldn't be the same without her.

And finally there's this rat bag:
Rat bag also known as Tilly the rescue dog

Who despite being a total pain in my backside most of the time, has been a wonderful companion whilst my wife and I have been separated.

- Raggy, signing out