Raggy joins the CK Studio team!

In the main, I am far to English to go around tooting my own horn, but I feel this occasion warrants some yelling from the rooftops. I am now Community Coordinator for CK Studios!

The CK Studios team is growing with new people, partners and many plans coming up!

Regular readers of the blog will have seen the various posts I have made in the past following classes I have taken with CK Studios. It's not an exaggeration to say that Kat and Caleb are the single biggest reason for my painting improvement over the last 2 years and it's a huge thrill to get to work with them. Not just that but several other incredible teams are also joining the Studio.

Sam Lenz (BlogFacebookInstagram) - I first heard of Sam through Uncle Atom's Tabletop minions and have seen the many amazing works he's done. Sam's also an advocate of cheap brushes for 90% of painting, something I am also a firm believer in.

Vince Venturella (YouTubeTwitter) - Vince's YouTube channel has been a must subscribe for me for a long time. Vince has a fantastic way of making techniques accessible and showing where you need to focus and what is not so important.

It's not just instructors joining the team though. My old buddy Devin Bush is also on the team, he'll be helping Kat out with various weekend classes as Events Coordinator.

So what am I doing with CK Studios? I'll be helping run CK Studio's social presence, particularly on Facebook, not only for the CK Studio page but also our alumni group. If you haven't taken a class already, jump on to the Facebook page or book a place on in the store.

List of upcoming workshops and events

Well thanks for humouring me and my ego on this post. Hopefully you'll follow us on Facebook and we'll see you at a class soon!

- Raggy, signing out