365 minis painted in 2018!

I am super excited to be able to say I completed my goal of averaging a mini/day in 2018! It's been a fairly absorbing task and has left me largely unable to paint for competitions, it has however hammered into the mountain of unpainted minis (particularly for boardgames).
So to keep moving forward, I have a new target - 500!!! This should also mean I will have fully painted 5 boardgames this year (Space Hulk, Burning of Prospero, Mansions of Madness, Descent & TMNT: Shadows of the Past).

Completed: (369 + 34 small)

Space Hulk minis
Space Hulk: 
20xSpace Hulk door stands, Chalice, C.A.T., 23 Genestealers

Mansions of Madness monsters
Mansions of Madness:
Darrell Simmons, William Yorrick, Gloria Goldberg, Carolyn Fern, Joe Diamond, Monterey Jack, Bob Jenkins, Dexter Drake, Vincent Lee, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, Father Mateo, Tommy Muldoon, Diana Stanley, Finn Edwards, Preston Fairmont, Carson Sinclair, Charlie Kane, Agatha Crane, Lily Chen, Minh Thi Phan, Wilson Richards, Marie Lambeau, Akeche Onyele, Rita Young, 11xcultists, 2xcult leaders, 2xdark druids, 2xnightgaunts, 2xmigo, 2xhunting horrors, 2xbyakhee, 2xcrawling ones, 4xdeep ones, 4xdeep one hybrids, 2xstar spawn, 2xstar vampires, Lloigor, 2xhound of tindalos, 2xwraiths, 2xwitches, 2xchild of the goat, 4xzombies, 2xskeletons, 2xghosts, 4xthralls, 2xmaniacs, 2xhired guns, 6xrioters, child of dagon, priest of dagon

Lizardmen Blood bowl team
Blood Bowl:
Chaos Dwarf Minotaur, Chaos Score marker, Pro elf coach, Pro elf apothecary, 12xballs, Chaos Pact Coach, 20xLizardmen, Lord Borak

Custom Y-Wing
XWing Miniatures Game:

Burning of Prospero:
30xVeteran marines, 5xCustodes, 5xTartaros, 5xSisters, Greigor Fellhand (shoulder), Ahriman

Moist von LipwigDeath with Guitar
Death with Guitar, Moist von Lipwig

Convention Freebies:
Bombshell Babe, Walking Dead Zombie, Ultramarine

Farstrider team
Farstrider Project:

Monk Masahiro
Test of Honour:
Warrior Monk Masahiro

Scenic base
Honorguard Basing mini

So many worms
4xGermans, 4xRussians, 4xYankees, 4xBrits, 1xModern Horror, 2xClassic Horror, 4xPredaliens

Descent monster minis
3xWendigos, 6xBlood Apes, 6xHell Hounds, 3xMedusa, 9xBane Spiders, 6xRazorwings, 6xShades, 4xFlesh Moulders, 5xFire Imps, 5xZombies, 9xSkeleton Archers, 3xDeep Elves, 3xHybrid Sentinels, 4xBarghest, 9xBeastmen, 6xDark Priests, 2xMerriods, 6xSorcerers, 18xKobolds, 6xLava Beetles, 5xCave Spiders, 6xFerrox, 5xGoblin Archers

Carry over: (15 + 11 small)

I have also managed to fit in the following partially painted models started last year (or in some cases earlier):

Space Hulk: 6xTerminators
Mansions of Madness: 2xShoggoths, 2xCthonians, 1xDark Young, 1xDunwich Horror
Blood Bowl: Wood Elf & Chaos Apothecaries, Ball Marker
Wander: Tank
Misc: 10xBarrels

- Raggy, signing out