You know when you've been Tangoed

Finished Warrior Monk - front

A recent post on a Facebook Group I follow called Paint All the Minis challenged painters to attempt a colour they've struggled with in the past. This was really perfect timing for me as one of the figures that had been sat in my lead mountain was Warrior Monk Masahiro from this Test of Honour box. I wanted to go with the traditional orange robes but this has always been a tricky colour for me.

At the same time, I have a full set of the Scale Color Inktensity line... soooo when you've got a hammer, everything becomes a nail to be glazed.

Starting point is a nice zenithal prime (using Stynylrez Black and White) before building an orange glaze:
Warrior Monk zenithal primed with generous white zenithalYellow and Red Inktensity Inks from Scale Color

I used a 4:1 mix of Yellow to Red inktensity for a nice vibrant orange:
Orange Glaze over regular Zenithal backOrange Glaze over regular Zenithal front

It's important to remember that glazes like this filter light. When applied over other colors there can be some unexpected results - in this case there is a lot of green in the Stynylrez Black and this came through strongly. The result is kinda green in the shadows.... soooo let's modify that zenithal with a shade of Vallejo's Dark Flesh instead. I also had to reestablish the highlights to prevent the model darkening:
Shifting the palletteusing a white over brown zenithalVallejo Game Color Dark Fleshtone

And the result really works:
Finished Orange Glaze - frontFinished Orange Glaze - back

Having made this popping colour; I worked on the rest of the figure:
Finished Warrior Monk - frontFinished Warrior Monk - back

PS: For those of you not familiar with the ad campaign referenced in the title - I recommend this video.

- Raggy, signing out