A model a day...

Some of the models I've painted this year

Almost half way into the year now and I wanted to talk about my personal project for this year. Namely averaging one fully painted miniature/day over the year. That's 365 painted pieces in 2018. I am adding a few further restrictions for myself:
  • It must go from primed to varnished in 2018 (finishing models from before or unfinished models don't count).
  • The model must be the size of a 25mm human or bigger to count (ie no smaller than a Mansions of Madness investigator)
  • Bigger models still only count as 1!

So... how am I doing? Well...

Carry over: (16 + 11 small)

  • Space Hulk: 6 Terminators
  • Mansions of Madness: 2xShoggoths, 2xCthonians, 1xDark Young, 1xDunwich Horror
  • Blood Bowl: Wood Elf & Chaos Apothecaries, Ball marker
  • Generic: 10 Barrels
  • Lady Morrigan
  • Wander: Tank
Despite the focus on getting new figures completely painted, I have not neglected the figures I had already started last year.

Completed: (146 + 34 small)

  • Space Hulk: 20xSpace Hulk door stands, Chalice, C.A.T., 23 Genestealers
  • Mansions of Madness: Darrell Simmons, William Yorrick, Gloria Goldberg, Carolyn Fern, Joe Diamond, Monterey Jack, Bob Jenkins, Dexter Drake, Vincent Lee, Mandy Thompson, Sister Mary, 11xcultists, 2xcult leaders, 2xdark druids, 2xnightgaunts, 2xmigo, 2xhunting horrors, 2xbyakhee
  • Blood Bowl: Chaos Dwarf Minotaur, Chaos Score marker, Pro elf coach, Pro elf apothecary, 12xballs, Chaos Pact Coach, 20xLizardmen
  • XWing: YWing
  • Prospero: 30xVeteran marines, 5xCustodes, 5xTartaros, Greigor Fellhand (shoulder), 5xSisters of Silence
  • Discworld: Death with Guitar, Moist von Lipwig
  • Kubla: Bombshell Babe, Walking Dead Zombie
  • Farstrider Project: 12xFarstriders
  • Test of Honour: Warrior Monk Masahiro
As you can see theres a lot of focus on getting my various Boardgame minis. I spend a lot more time board gaming than wargaming these days so I feel there's more value in getting these soft plastic pieces painted up as they'll see time on the tabletop.

Of course... I am also a little behind at this point. This is further worsened by the fact I'm not really working on any models right now - I need to get caught up. This is where I kind of hit a wall... I want to catch back up but I need to try and figure out what to work on to do this. Ashigaru seems like an obvious option and may be where I go with this as I have a lot of the buggers. Unfortunately that doesn't really help with the boardgame minis so I need to try and figure out some effective ways to get my paint count back in gear.

Ahriman disassembled and in progress

- Raggy, signing out