Music with rocks in it.

Death playing guitar fully painted

The early stages of this figure went undocumented sadly. Death is a very monochromatic model and I decided to not Zenithal prime but instead wanted to highlight up by hand.

EDIT:10th May 2018
I lost a lot of this original post due to getting signed out of blogger part way through writing the result was that on the rewrite - I neglected to add in the details of painting the black cloth.
The base is Stynylrez Black primer. Fabric is fairly matte (excepting silk/satin). For Death, I imagine a rather rough fabric with an almost unreal matte to it. The result is bringing up the highlight only very slightly without going to anything even close to a pure white. The solution was to use Meng Rubber Black and Coat D'arms dark grey as the 'highlights'. I also added some Tree Fellas Light grey for the top highlights. The traditional method I'd been taught for texturing course fabric is to use thinned paint drawn in lines across the figure to simulate the threads however at this scale I still struggle with that and so went with a drybrush dusting method applied with a shade only slightly above the base colour before moving to brighter colours.

This didn't take too long although painting in sub assemblies meant I was trying to factor shadows from items not there at the time I painted. You can see this below:

Close to finished prior to assembling.

I'm really pleased with how the bone came out here. I am usually pretty lazy with painting bone - drybrush it over black/dark brown and bam - job's a good'un... This time I took a little more care. I wanted to make sure there was clean black lines at the joints and between segments.

The Guitar posed a difficulty for me as I really wasn't certain how I wanted to paint it up. It provided a great place to introduce some contrast and interest for the figure however that also didn't really seem to fit thematically - would Death really rock a Red or Purple guitar? At the same time - would Soul Music make a refined guitar like that? And so I went to everyone's favorite guitar sparkle - Mother of Toilet Seat. This was a fun experiment of mixing Army Painter Chainmail and Army Painter matt white. The result was pretty good but the application was possibly too small of an area to really show off the effect and the photos really don't do it justice. The mix of the white and metallic flakes in the silver really give the right effect.

Finished except for the eyesFinished Death rocking out

The last touch was the eyes. Something that I very nearly forgot all together. I didn't quite get the pop I was hoping for. They certainly work for OSL but I wanted a bright center... the only way I could think to do that the way I want is to insert a small ball of green stuff into the socket and have that painted white. I wasn't set on this being the right result and so have held off of doing this for now.

Sooo there you have it! Death rocking out!

- Raggy, signing out