Blood Bowl Clean Up

Finished Minotaur front view.

I think this post is partially a lesson in the importance of lighting. At the time I was painting these, I thought I had decent if not great lighting. The photos kinda prove otherwise.

Wood Elf Apothecary:
State of the Apothecary - Jan 1st 2018 Started making some progress on the hair and details.

Finished Wood Elf Apothecary

Chaos Apothecary:
State of the Apothecary - Jan 1st 2018

Painted Demonic Apothecary

Chaos Token:
Skull mound with tentacles and a ball fully painted

Chaos Dwarf Minotaur:
This guy was a bit of work and I'd been dragging my feet as I wasn't too pleased with my initial sculpting efforts. My January resolution to get my Blood Bowl teams tidied up forced me to get this chap back on the table. I spent a frustrating evening working on the beard and liking it less and less the more I messed with it. I ended up adding a mane of hair and calling it a day.
Already being unhappy with the model as it was, I figured it would be a great opportunity to experiment on the model without risking damaging a figure I wanted to submit in a contest or something.
I worked on pretty much all the base coats using an airbrush pushing myself to be more extreme with the shading and highlights, bringing brightness to the focal points. In addition to that, I practiced scratching and damage a little, I am always hesitant to go too full on with that and I think I need to push myself to dive in more. Finally I did a quick glowing tattoo effect taking advantage of the carved tattoos on the original model and trying a stippling effect instead of the previous airbrushed glow effect I'd used (see these Termies). It was certainly slower and it lacks the reflections off of nearby surfaces but for the weaker effect, it seems to work well enough.

Finished Minotaur front view.

Finished Minotaur back view with glowing tattoosFinished Minotaur side view

- Raggy, signing out


  1. Hey Raggy,
    I would like to have such minotaur.
    Could you make one for me?
    What do you think? :)


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