2017 Review: Incompletes

Working away at my Space Hulk set. I am currently stumped by the basing for the terminators. My original intention had been NMM but I am realising that will take forever so I am now reconsidering - particularly as there is a lot of metal also on the genestealer models.

Sergeant GideonSergeant Gideon back

Brother ClaudioBrother Deino

Brother Noctio

Brother GorielBrother Goriel back

Brother ScipioBrother Scipio back

Tank from Red Panda Games is a great sculpt and I have really enjoyed pushing my skills on this figure with the help of Miniature Monthly. I am really happy with how he's looking and can't wait to sit down and do a little more on him.

Wander's Tank model

Finally a departure for me - 54mm figures. Not something I usually do but has been a great way to really practice faces. I am now working on the skin tones and then it will be a test of my skills with fabrics.

Missing Pictures: Space Hulk Genestealers

The last couple of years have seen a lot of focus on Blood Bowl miniatures as I work to paint up a new team for every season/tournament. I am going to cut back on this a little. I want to finish up the missing figures in the teams I have already painted.
The big drive this year is going to be painting up board game minis. The three main games in mind here are Space Hulk, Mansions of Madness and TMNT Shadows of the Past. If I get them done, I'm going to move onto Talisman, Runebound and Arcadia Quest with Zombicide ready if all the others get painted.

- Raggy, signing out