2017 Review: Done

Wow, looking back over this year - it's been super productive! 2 Blood Bowl teams, 2 competition pieces, 5 display pieces, a gang for Test of Honour, the miniatures for a boardgame and the start of another as well as a bundle of other miscellaneous pieces.
There is a lot more here than I'd expected when I was sitting down to start this series of posts. It's maybe still not as much as I'd really like - there are plenty of boardgames that I really want to get the figures for painted up, but it's been some good progress none the less.

3 BoomersSkeletal dog and torso

Blood Angles Contemptor Dreadnought

Pro Elf positionalsPro Elf linemen

Test of Honor ronin champion

Yari AshigaruModified Test of Honour bases

Wendy AdamsKonstantin Samokhin

Monster ReRoll markersMummy Reroll markers

The Librarian

Dead Terminator

Max SpleenripperJason of the Argonauts

7th Continent modelsDark Sword female ranger

Missing photos: The Chaos Pact team

- Raggy, signing out